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Written by Pete Fisher   
Friday, 09 February 2018 10:29

Hi Folks,

I'm now well in to my 'three score years and ten' year and must confess that I don't keep things updated on here as much as I ought to. I'm pretty busy keeping the NHCA results up to date and getting entry forms up on their site.

Your donations come in at a rate that I have no problem keeping gilera.org.uk hosting fees paid. The forum ticks along nicely most of the time and I think that is probably the most useful feature of 'The GeN' these days other than the technical material available. Perhaps, however, it's time for someone to think about taking over the reigns, if you want more 'articles'.

I can't see a 'Gilera Club' as such, with regular meetings, happening any time soon, but bear in mind that many of our machines are now VMCC eligible (even my GFR this year!). Your local VMCC section can make a good focus for getting together with people and a few properly old Gileras have been coming out of the woodwork at some for a while. Even if there are no other Nuovo Saturnos, Nordwests, RC600s or GFR owners to chat to there will be folk who are very knowledgeable about general maintenance, workshop techniques and restoration techniques, who may have very useful contacts. Some of them even have metric spanners in their workshops these days as certainly Italian machines of the 70's and 80's are getting the attention they deserve. A Morini Kanguro was on the cover of the latest VMCC journal.

My local section organises some excellent runs out in to the countryside with a wide range of bikes taking part. There is an open day coming up in April so nearer the date I'll put a post up with details.

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