About the Gilera Network

From the editorial in 'The GeN' #1 June 1994:


"Why a network ? It has to be recognised that unless Gilera production is started again we are unlikely to ever have enough members to be a one make club in the usual way with local sections. What is achievable, is a network via which we can exchange information about all aspects of Gilera motorcycling. Technical information is always of interest to theriders of any motorcycle. Once a marque goes out of production it becomes even more vital. This newsletter will provide a way of keeping in touch with the experience gained by others and to share your knowledge with them.


An idea before its time. The needs of Gilera enthusiasts have not changed, but the means to achieve those objectives have matured to a degree that even the founders of the original Gilera Network didn't foresee.


By registering on this site you will be able to gain access to the accumulated experience of people who have owned and ridden Gilera motorcycles for many years.


However, we think that the Runner, DNA, Hexagon and other Piaggio group scooters are well served by other on-line groups, forum and web sites. Whilst the owners of bikes from any era are welcome 'The GeN' will concentrate on the last of the Arcore breed. This is the place for owners of Nuovo Saturnos, Nordwests, RC600s, GFRs and the other late 80s/earlly 90s Gileras.

Techical information, hints and tips and owners' experience is already available in the archived oriiginal GeN Newsletters which can be found in PDF form here:


The GeN Issues 1-25 PDF


We aim to mine the data from those 25 issues and combine it with recent technical information sources and present it an easily searcheable form to assist owners new and old alike to keep their Gileras on the road.