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 The Fires of Passion Burn On

Publication Date


Issue No


Nordwest & Saturno Fact Sheets


June 1994

Interim aims and objectives of the Gilera Network

Power – More Power

Building the perfect beast

Gilera grumblings

Track day and inaugural meeting details

Faults and Fixes Where to go – Who to know and Letters


 September 1994

Cadwell Park track day & inaugural meeting report

Gilera exploits on the Isle of Man

Changing the cam belt, checking tappets

Gilera SanRemo, 600 XR-T

Super Saturno 600

By Saturno to the Czech Republic - Euro Demp Paris

Headlight modifications

G-mail - loads of letters

Faults and Fixes Where to go


 December 1994

Postcard from Arcore

High on Gileras

Saturno Holiday

Our visit to the show

RC600 v Nordwest

G-Mail, Feedback, Christmas Shopping

An Italian bike rally in Belgium

Where to go – Who to know


 March 1995

Postcard from Arcore - Part Two

Gilera Story

Special Tools/Literature News

Rallye Internationale Francillien 1994

Cyber Rider

G-Mail,Feedback, Faults & Fixes

Network Products News

Where to go - Who to know


 June 1995

Nordwest Frontier - a new hillclimb season begins

Going Spare, 150 Dimonstrazione, TT Piuma News

The Sory So Far, ork Seal Replacement

ITALIA 95 and Cadwell Track Day/AGM News

Spring Gathering Report

G-mail, Feedback

Postcard from Arcore - sequel

Where to go - Who to know


 September 1995

Cadwell Track Day and AGM Reports

ITALIA 95, TT Diary, G_Net

The Missing Link, Check That Cam Belt

Starter Clutch Failure, That unused Lever

Scottish Gathering Report, BMF News

G-Mail, Feedback, Start Me Up

Arcore Revisited, Nordwest Frontier

Where to go - Who to know


 December 1995

Heavy into Nordwest, Holland or Bust

That Starting Problem, Gear Selector Update, BMF News

Classics News, Nordwest Frontier

Nordwest Top End Stripdown

G-Mail, Feedback, The Sears Allstate Owners Club

Protecting Your Bike - From The Weather

Xmas Quiz, Book Review - 750 SFC


 March 1996

EGM Notice, 1996 Events Diary, Tool Hire News

BMF News, Classic News, Nordwest Frontier, G-Net

Nordwest Top End Stripdown - Part Two, Bikes For Sale

G-mail, Feedback, Starter Clutch Update, Article Index

A "far from standard" RC600, Cambelt Catastrophes

Saturno experiences and basic tuning, Carb Icing?


 June 1996

EGM Report, Cam Belt Notes, Fuel Tank Filler

BMF News, Classic News, Nordwest Frontier, G-Net

Cadwell Track Day & AGM Details

G-mail, Feedback, Spark Plugs, Fork Seals

Starter Clutch Update, BMF Rally, Nurburgring Course

Sammy Miller Museum Visit, Forza Italia News


 September 1996

 AGM Minutes and Accounts

Cadwell Track Day Report

Its All About Oil

G-mail, Nordwest Frontier, BMF News

Forza Italia - View From a Nordwest

Saturno Carburettor Modification



 December 1996

Nordwest and Saturno Fact Sheets

Gilera- The Future

The Gilera Nordwest as therapeutic tool

Cadwell Track Day provisional date

Scottish Motorcycle Show, Knockhill Bob McIntyre Meeting

G-mail, Nordwest Frontier, BMF News


 March 1997

RC600 (1991) Fact Sheet

Nordwest 02 - A Personal Design Impression

Tyre & Exhaust Questionnaire, Quill Silencer

How to do this preload job?

Scottish Motorcycle Show, Knockhill Bob McIntyre Meeting

G-mail, Nordwest Frontier, BMF News (Campaigner)


 June 1997

Nordwest Frontier, T-SHIRTS & MUGS!, AGM Notice

A Potted History of Piaggio - Part 1

Knockhill Bob McIntyre Meeting

G-mail, Press Cuttings

Chairman's Chat - Sprockets to you

Ilkley Racing team News


 September 1997

AGM Minutes, Cadwell Report, German Gathering

Quick Queries, Nordwest Frontier, Forza Italia '97

Anticipation: a boys triumph over the forces of darkness

Apache in Athens

Chairman's Chat - A weekend in Lincolnshire

Rumours Corner, Torque your head studs


 December 1997

A clutch too far? Christmas puzzle

Change for the new Millenium

Silence is polished silver, Saturno rear shock horror - not!

Why can't I like Hondas like everybody else?

Book Review-Gilera Racers:singles and twins

30,000 miles on a Nordwest, Ring of confidence

Chairman's Chat: Petrol - leaded or unleaded,springs etc.


 March 1998

Chairman's Chat: Runner, Technical Article Index

Nordwest Starting Problems, Where My "Sickness" Began

A GFR Year, Saturno - Sought and Sorted

G-mail, Forthcoming Attractions

G-Net, A Mini-Replica SanRemo, Joachim's Bit


 June 1998

 Chairman's Chat, Nordwest Frontier

News from FPM, Spring Gathering

AGM Minutes and Cadwell Track Day Report

A Potted History of Piaggio - Part 2

G-mail, G-Net, Midland and Marches Meet


 September 1998

Chairman's Chat: oil, spares availability, carb specs

Rendezvous at the Ring

Touring Leightweight Gileras

GFR Notes, Press Cuttings, Quick Queries

G-mail, G-Net, Nordwest Frontier


 December 1998

Chairman's Chat: spares availability, Chassis Prefix List

A Chance for Stardom, Classic Mechanics Show

Runner Dispatches

GFR Ramblings, Press Cuttings

G-mail, G-Net, Nordwest Frontier


 March 1999

Chairman's Chat: News from the factory, Clutch check

GFR Notes, Stoppers and Starters, AGM

Custom Motard, Relatively OK, Cadwell Track Day

Press Cuttings: A Gilera What?

G-mail,G-Net, Gilera Literature Database


 June 1999

Chairman's Chat: Something New, Coguar Test

AGM Notice

TT Tales, Press Cuttings

BMF Show Report, Never Again

G-mail, G-Net


 September 1999

Chairman's Chat: Gilera - The Future

AGM Minutes and PROVISIONAL Accounts

Gilera Twist and Go, Runner Fuses

NW/RC Kickstart, Owning an RC from new

G-mail, Nordwest Frontier, Press Cuttings


 December 1999

Chairman's Chat: News of the takeover

Final accounts, Nordwest Frontier, Stafford Show

Gilera Twist and Go, Spring gathering in Italy

Life with an NGR250, Census 2000

G-mail,G-Net, Gilera Network Clothing


 March 2000

Chairman's Chat: NZ Trip, Nordwest & RC600 Ignition

Revivale Internazionale

Nordwest Frontier

Gilera Twist and Go, Spring Gathering

The Last Waltz

G-mail,G-Net, Gilera Clothing


  June 2000

Chairman's Chat: New Gileras, Starter Clutch Info

Arcore 2000 - The Quest

BMF Show,  A few lines

Gilera Twist and Go

The Last Waltz

G-mail,G-Net, Gilera Clothing



 September 2000

Chairman's Chat, Word From the New Secretary, Arcore 200, Gilera Twist & Go, The Last Walz


 December 2000

Chairman's Chat: Winterising your bike, Runner & DNA
Gilera Day at the Yorkshire Air Museum, Nordwest Frontier
Motorcycle Mechanics Show, The Last Waltz, Emerald Isle Happenings
The NEC Motorcycle & Scooter Show, Gilera Twist and Go


March 2001

Chairman's Chat, Nordwest are the others catching up, Technical Time, Nordwest Frontier, Clonk Clonk, The Last Walz, Gilera Twist & Go


June 2001

Chairman's Chat,Norwest Frontier,BMF Show 2001,NICE ON POGGI!,AGM,Gilera Twist & Go


September 2001

Chairman's Chat:Prepare for winter, 600 Supersport Launch
Urgent AGM News, Cadwell Park track Day 2001
Nordwest Frontier, Gilera Twist and Go


December 2001

Chairman's Chat,My Nordwest,Norwest Frontier,News from the BMF,Stafford Show,Gilera Twist & Go


March 2002

Chairman's Chat,CX 125,Why Gilera?,England’s Nordwest,Gilera Twist & Go


Third Quarter 2002

Chairman's Chat: AGM, Piaggio News, Gilera/Cagiva,
2002 AGM Report, Why Gilera?, Introducing the New Secretary
Silken Thread Nordie Through The Bend, Gilera Twist and Go


January 2003

Chairman's Chat: 125 World Championship, Trofeo Gilera
Dix Tips for living with a 558 motored Gilera
The Secretary's Nordy, Colin's Nordwest, Events,General Letters


April 2003

Chairman's Chat: Editor, Other news, BMF Rally
The Gilera Health Check Results, The future of the Network
My Nordwest, A Nordwest at 36000 Kms, Regional Spring Gathering, New Netwiork Regions, Events



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 The Fires of Passion Burn On