Gilera Network History

The Gilera Network was founded in June 1994. The interim aim and objectives stated in the first issue of 'The GeN' were:


"The aim of the association shall be to promote the interests of Gilera motorcycle owners, riders and enthusiasts in the United Kingdom in accordance with the rules of the association."

A quarterly Newsletter was published until April 2003 and displays were put on at the BMF and Classic Mechanics Show. In the early days after the closure of the Arcore works 'The GeN' was an invaluable source of information for Gilera enthusaists, particularly owners of the last of the breed: Nordwest, Saturno, RC600 and GFR.

As the new amazingly innovative Runner and DNA began to sell in volume, organisations for the "Twist & Go" Gileras were formed and the numbers of bigger bikes began to dwindle as older machines were scrapped. Owners of older Gileras were always welcome, but there was always going to be a limit on total membership with no more 'big' Gileras being built.

There was a brief glimpse of what might have been with the supersport four cylinder project but it never went in to production.

A Gilera Owners Club of Great Britain (Igottagilera) replaced the Network for a while, but sadly that too has now been wound up.

As Piaggio now own Aprilia it seems doubtful that the name Gilera will ever grace the tank of a conventional motorcycle bigger than 125cc again.

There has, however been a resurgence of interest in the bikes from the late 80's and early 90's and enthusiasts are rebuilding them to once again discover the delights of a truly sporting motorcycle.

The re-launched Gilera Network aims to provide such enthusiasts with the information and advice to continue to enjoy that experience.